GPs’ lack of asthma testing is abysmal says Asthma + Lung UK

A woman using an inhaler

An important report from Asthma + Lung UK suggests that up to 750,000 people in England are misdiagnosed with asthma, while undiagnosed asthma leads to increased hospitalisations costing £2.2bn in avoidable hospital stays and treatment. This shows why it’s more important than ever that lung health checks are encouraged to ensure access to the right treatment at the right time. 

Tests such as peak-flow, spirometry, and fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNo) assessments offer a precise evaluation of lung function, leading to more accurate diagnoses. However, many practices lack the necessary resources for these tests.

It’s time to prioritise lung health and invest in the necessary resources to ensure timely and precise diagnoses. 

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