Bronchiectasis is a long-term lung condition where the airways are wider than normal.

In bronchiectasis, sputum builds up in the airways, increasing the risk of lung infections. Infections can cause the lungs to become inflamed, which can damage or block parts of the lung, leading to symptoms like breathlessness, chest pain and tiredness.

“Bronchiectasis was once described as an “orphan” disease or “the most neglected disease in respiratory medicine”. Now we recognise the number of patients is increasing rapidly and that it is a common disease, with a prevalence that increased by more than 40% over 10 years in the most recently available data from Europe. It is a devastating illness for patients. We are in need of urgent additional research and enhanced data collection.” Professor James Chalmers, Clinical Professor at the University of Dundee and Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Journal. 

The charts below present the data identified for Bronchiectasis in Europe. Estimates were available for Italy (incidence, prevalence), Germany (prevalence rates and numbers), Poland (incidence rates), the United Kingdom (incidence, prevalence and mortality rates) and Spain (incidence number).

Rates were all reported as per 100,000 population, except for the United Kingdom, where incidence rates were reported per 100,000 person years.  Methods of obtaining estimates varied between studies, but all were retrospective analyses of routinely collected data, such as health insurance claims, primary care records or hospital discharge data.

Studies included:

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