International Respiratory Coalition


Resources, useful examples and other materials to support the development of national-level plans.

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Toolkits for national-level coalitions

National-level IRC coalitions can access a range of helpful tools to support their progress. This includes: the IRC manifesto and associated materials, communications toolkit, policy toolkit, best practice examples and materials from other Coalition partners.

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Examples of existing national strategies

There are many examples of strong and impactful coalitions both at the national and international level. We recommend new national-level coalitions look to some well-established respiratory coalitions for inspiration:

United Kingdom

Find out more about the five-year strategy from the UK’s Task Force for Lung Health – a collaboration between experts in lung health, including patients, healthcare professionals and academics.


Find out more about France’s General Assembly of Respiratory Health, led by the Société de Pneumologie de Langue Française in partnership with other national organisations.


An overview presentation of the Portuguese National Programme for Respiratory Diseases (2012-2022) as shared in the IRC Summit on June 2022.

As the International Respiratory Coalition initiative progresses, a full suite of toolkits and resources will be available in addition to the items currently displayed.